The Carnegie Bosch Institute (CBI) announces the call for research grant proposals.


The Carnegie Bosch Institute (CBI) is a unique alliance between Carnegie Mellon University and the Bosch Group, a leading global supplier of technology and services. CBI was established in 1990 through a major endowment gift provided by Bosch. The core mission of CBI is to bring academia and industry together through its activities in research and education. In light of a rapidly changing global economy driven by technology and innovation, CBI focuses its activities in continually evolving areas of technical interest, expertise, and cutting-edge research that are of interest to both industry and CMU. Through funding applied research projects, CBI's goal is to stimulate relevant scientific research in core areas that are among CMU’s research competencies at the intersection of business and technology, and are of ever-growing importance for global industry, including (but not limited to):

  • Internet of Things (IoT),
  • cybersecurity,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • big data, and
  • similar technology-based areas of innovation.

The CBI Research Award program aims to identify and support cutting edge research and outstanding Carnegie Mellon faculty in fields relevant to our research agenda.


Call for Proposals

The Carnegie Bosch Institute announces its 2018 call for research grant proposals.

While CBI supports a wide research agenda in the above mentioned areas, we are at this time particularly interested in proposals related to:

  • User-Centric Computing & Interaction: Novel systems of human-machine interaction, including those in the digital (e.g. mixed reality) and physical (e.g. robot collaboration) realms
  • Self-Aware and Self-Developing Systems: Verification and Validation (V&V) techniques that ensure the safety and security of complex autonomous systems
  • Fully Autonomous Systems: Technologies delivering super-human perception capabilities, utilizing both active and passive sensing techniques
  • Crowd Centric Computing & Interaction: Approaches that enable humans and machines to collaborate on sophisticated cognitive tasks at internet-scale, thereby paving the way for the next-generation of AI applications
  • Connected & Intelligent Systems & Services: Innovative approaches to safeguard personally identifiable information collected in the IoT, enabling the development of personalized services while respecting individual privacy
  • Disruptive Materials & Sustainable Manufacturing: Creating breakthrough production techniques and functional materials via combinations of Computational Material Science (CMS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Quantum Simulation (QS)
  • Ethics and AI: Understanding of the socio-economic implications of AI and how related technologies impact mankind, including questions around policy / legal frameworks, governance, fairness, and trust


Schedule and project awards

Proposals must be submitted between May 15 and June 20, 2018. The awards are expected to be announced by October 31, 2018.

The anticipated start date for selected proposals will be January 1, 2019; we may also consider proposals with a start date of July 1, 2019. The typical award period will be 12-24 months. For 2-year projects, the second year funding will be contingent upon the achievement of first year project milestones. Projects that demonstrate promise and impact as set forth in the project requirements below are excellent candidates for continued funding for an additional 12 month period beyond the original 12-24 month period.

CBI is expecting to select two to four projects for funding. Typical project awards are expected to range between $75k to $125k per 12 month period, for a total of up to $250k for a 2-year project. Our intent is to primarily support researchers (e.g. graduate students, post docs, faculty summer support) in preference to capital equipment or materials.


Review process and project requirements

A CBI Research Steering Committee consisting of faculty and industry representatives has been established to advise on the funding decisions for the research projects. The dean of the College of Engineering and the president of CBI will make the final selection of the grants after receiving rankings and advice on the funding decisions from the CBI Research Steering Committee.

Projects will be reviewed based on the following factors:

The goals of the CBI research mission will be best accomplished by promoting collaboration. Preference will be given to proposals that

  • involve multiple faculty and interdisciplinary interactions (across colleges preferred);
  • involve industry partners or leverage their input where possible to include current data from industry.

Priority will be given to projects which are expected to lead to applied research results with high impact and excellence, demonstrated through

  • visibility (e.g. publication of research results);
  • utilization of applied results, e.g. research findings can be incorporated into open standards, or are transferable into an innovation process within industry, or can result in start of development (SOD) or licensing.

Research proposals should address collaboration across CMU and/or with industry as well as anticipated visibility and applied utilization opportunities.

Award recipients will be required to attend a workshop or event with other researchers and/or industry partners, or give a talk to present their projects and results. Once a year and upon completion of the project, award recipients are required to provide a report and documentation to the CBI Research Steering Committee that provides the project’s outcome. Award recipients should be prepared to publish a project report and its outcome on the CBI website and to discuss it at a CBI conference.


Proposal submission process

The proposal submission process is online. Please carefully read the instructions before applying.

The following will be needed for submission:

Apply for a research grant proposal.

Apply online.

For any questions regarding this call, please direct inquiries to Elisabeth Udyawar at